Magic, Mystery, New Mexico

At a Texaco in New Mexico
I learned what desolate means
From the back roads to the coach roads
And everything in between
It’s a place of past dreams
With nothing left-
Or so it seems

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Rock Faces, Silent Voices

Firewood, food and gas

Make it last

Make it last

Firewood, food and gas-

Don’t forget a flask.

As rooks on a chessboard, we move up, down and all across the West. It’s October now and we point our tires south to follow the warmth of the sun. With map in hand and time on our side, we roll on, Southwest. Continue reading “Rock Faces, Silent Voices”

The Gift of A Griddle

Before I began my adventure, I was organizing my supplies in my mom and dad’s garage when I noticed they had a whole storage shelf filled with their old camping equipment. They stopped camping over 30 years ago, but they haven’t given this stuff away. Continue reading “The Gift of A Griddle”

Living in Extremes: Maui to Montana

Island to continent

Beach to mountain

Palms to pines

Sand to snow

Green to white

Warm to cold

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