The Landing

Hard Work Does Pay Off

Like a plane traveling through a turbulent sky, my emotions bounced around.

As the wheels of the plane touched down in Seattle, the melancholy mood of saying goodbye to Maui jumped to feeling joyful to be saying hello to my parents and to be starting my adventure.

I would spend a month at my parent’s house in North Bend Washington. I had to wait for the truck to make its journey across the Pacific and for Trenton to finish his farm lease, and I wanted to spend some time visiting with and helping my mom and dad.

After my folks turned 80, their health became more fragile. Pop’s had another heart attack and his heart was only working at 20% capacity. Mom had a few recent falls and it took her longer to recover. Age was creeping up on them. Their memory was fading and their medication regime was growing.

For the next few weeks I stayed with them, helping them around the house, taking care of them. We had good visit, complete with a little drama and a few surprises.

We made three trips to the emergency room, one for dad and his heart, one for mom who fell down again, and one for me caused I cracked my collarbone. We had some laughs and some arguments, but mostly we worked together to heal and help each other.

Mom’s not sure of my current life choices, “Are you sure this is a good idea” she keeps asking me. Dad is in support of me taking the journey, “Do it while your young” he says.

The time came to pick up the truck at the Port of Seattle. When I got home I took Pops for a ride. Once a strong, man, now so frail, but his sweet face lite up like a nervous teenager as we cruised around their neighborhood, in a high pitched emotional voice he kept complementing me on my “nice rig!”

My collarbone was healing up and they were getting better too. I worked hard to help them in any way I could while I stayed with them. I hate to leave them as I always fear it will be the last time I see them. But Trenton had arrived and it was time to hit the road – to begin our journey.

In the early morning light, I said goodbye and reassured them we would be okay. With one more hug, kiss and another I love you, we got into the truck and start it up. Dad smiles, “Nice Rig” he yells.

They stood and wave goodbye until we drove out of sight, as they always do.

I frantically wave back, trying to hold back the tears, but failing miserably, as I always do.

“We’ll see you soon” I assure them while blowing them a kiss.

Turning the corner, Trenton calms me and let’s me know everything is all right. I wipe my tears away.

As we enter the freeway, we look at each other smiling form ear to ear. “Ready?” he asks. “Hell ya!” I reply.

All those years of planning, all the years of hard work, all those years visualizing this adventure had paid off. My sadness now replaced with excitement and anticipation.

Now we were taking off and the preflight checklist was complete. It was smooth flying from this point on. Or so we hoped. We’re off the Denver to pick up our Phoenix Pop Up Camper.

I couldn’t be happier.

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