A Couple, A Camper, A Cat

Yes I did.

I brought my pet with me from Maui – an 11-year-old, one-eyed cat named Scrappers.

I looked for a good home for Scrappers but no one was interested in my half-blind buddy. I tried, maybe not as hard as I could have. I loved the little guy and I really didn’t want to say goodbye to him.

I found Scrappers in the road on a full moon night,
while driving through my neighborhood to pick up some dinner. A baseball-size blob in the middle of the street, I would have paid no attention to it, until it moved. As I drove closer, I noticed a furry blob with little paws, a newborn kitten with its eyes not yet opened.

It must have crawled out of the bushes, or it was pulled out. I didn’t know what to do. Was the mama in the bush, should I put him back? As I tried to think this through, the oncoming car was heading straight towards the kitten. I jumped out of my car and swooped him up. While I drove to the restaurant, he wiggled around the passenger seat and into my heart.

He’s been with me ever since.

Sure he adds a couple responsibilities to our agenda that’s, well, basically void of them. But it’s comforting knowing he’ll be a constant factor in our unscripted journey.

I anticipate the funny looks we’ll get from the semi-truckers and fellow travelers when they see our Hawaii license plates and a cat lounged out on our front dash.

So this will be quite an adventure for a cat, who’s lived a roaming life in a tropical landscape, to living on the road in a truck camper. Just like us, except we won’t wear a leash.

The three of us hit the road,

A couple,

a camper,

and a cat.

3 thoughts on “A Couple, A Camper, A Cat

  1. I feel the same way about my cat, “Mel”. We will be traveling cross country and can’t imagine leaving her behind. You mentions using a leash. Have you had any luck with that? I would love to hear how you trained the cat to use one.


    1. Hi, yes I’ve had luck with a harness and a leash-you can one at a pet store. Scrapers travels with us in the truck and he sits on my lap. I keep some good and water for him in the truck and the kitty litter box on the floor in the back just in case. It took a while for him to get used to it. When we set up camp I set him up in the camper and then put him on the leash and let him walk around and munch on some grass all the time keeping a close eye on him. Make sure the harness is on snug so Mel can’t wiggle out of it. He got out of the camper one time in Death Valley – very scary but we found him thank god. It will be a little work to make sure he’s safe but worth it if you love the little guy. 😎

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