Aloha Means Hello and Goodbye

Thoughts of moving from my Maui home lingered in my mind for a good 10 years.

It’s not that I’d grown tired of living on a tropical paradise for 25 years, it’s that my heart longed for new surrounding, for new adventures.

Living on an island, you begin the day observing the swiftness of the sun rising over the volcano; you end the day watching the speed of the sun setting over the ocean.This teaches you to realize how quickly time passes and I wanted to make this change while I was still able to enjoy the journey.

For one reason or another however, the timing hadn’t been right. So I patiently waited for Mother Maui to reveal the signs to me.

In the meantime, I formulated my exit plan.

I wanted to travel light so part of that plan was to sell my home and everything in it. I went through every room cleaning, purging, painting…doing what ever was needed to get the house ready for market. I completed that aged “to do” list and beautified the front and back yard landscapes.

I wanted to travel around the American West for a year to find a new home so another part of the plan was to find a pop-up camper for my Ford F-150. It had to be sturdy enough to take off-road and away from the crowds. We did the research and found Phoenix Pop-Up Campers in Denver, Colorado. We began working with owners Cari and Rob to design and build our custom truck camper.

Then, in 2016 the signs became as clear as a Maui trade wind day.

My freelance writing jobs were coming to an end, Trenton’s flower farm lease was coming to an end, Maui’s real estate values were finally rebounding from the 2008 crash, and this would be the year I celebrated my 50th birthday.

It was time to for action. When I flipped my mental “go” switch, things fell into place.

I sold my house, shipped the truck, purchased my plane ticket, shipped the truck to Seattle, packed my suitcases and Trenton drove us to the airport.

As we traveled that familiar road, I silently said aloha to each palm tree, to each beach, to each landmark. My heart filled with emotion.

After all those years of planning and thinking about doing this, it this was finally happening.

I boarded that Hawaiian Airline’s flight to the mainland for the last time.

As the island’s lights disappear from the twilight sky, I reflect on all I’ve done and all I’ve learned while living in this amazing place. I order one final Mai Tai.

I will treasure the Hawaiians saying, “Face the future looking back.”

While the future is uncertain, I’m confident the lessons I’ve learned will help me face all my challenges going forward.

Aloha Maui.

Aloha the last 25 years.

Aloha to the next 25.

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